Use These 5 Attraction Tactics To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Break ups can happen to anybody. Once you have had time to think it over, are you sure you want get your ex boyfriend back?

If the answer is ‘yes!’, then here are five important points to consider.

1. You need to have self control and a clear head.

This is very important. When you do see your ex again, you will need to have clear communication with him and avoid getting over-emotional.

You need to be calm and be certain about what you want. You desire the relationship to be re-kindled, however, if you approach him with your mind full of pain and anger, this will be one big turn off. You need to be clear about what you want for the future for both of you. Make a firm decision you want him back, and get yourself into the correct mindset; calm, cool, collected.

2. When you finally arrange that all-important meeting with your ex boyfriend, you need to take his breath away.

Do some little things to improve your image, work out a little more, get a new perfume, do your hair ‘just right’. If the old you contributed to the demise of your relationship, improve the old you but remember to stay true to yourself. Don’t fake it.

When you walk into the room, you want to see him react with ‘wow!’

3. Do not under any circumstances beg your ex boyfriend to go back with you.

It is a very emotional moment when you finally meet with him again, but you need to keep control. Don’t cry and blubber, don’t appear needy and fractious. Don’t give him the idea that you need him to complete your life. He needs you to complete his life! Be strong, be happy, no one wants to surround themselves with miserable people.

4. Don’t bring up all the problems of the past.

However, don’t forget what contributed to the break up in the beginning. Learn from your mistakes.

If all the mistakes were his, why would you want to get back with him at all?

5. Have a plan.

What do you expect from him second time around? What can you offer him second time around? What needs to be done differently for it to work this time? Ponder why the break up happened and take measures to tackle any problems efficiently this time around. Be open and honest about what you would like.

Get your ex boyfriend back by being smarter, see it as a fresh new beginning. Most of all be happy and enjoy your new found relationship.

Best of Luck Girl, I hope this works for you... All the best Rachael.